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I need a new online task list. I used ‘ToDoCamp’ for years, loved it but the service shut down. I hope the research I did will prove beneficial in your search and maybe save you a little time.


  • Simple!
  • Clean looking
  • Easily accessible
  • Need to share it (or make it ‘public’) with only my boss; he needs to access in one or two clicks
  • Free 

I considered making sure it synced with my mobile, however, I think my BlackBerry will need to be replaced long before my new list system does.

I tested about 20 different tools. And, yes, I actually used them all after creating an account as well as an additional account where I simulated my boss’ experience to see how they worked together. I set up one task list with the same handful of tasks to test the ease of entering, what happens when I complete a task, can I prioritize, etc.

What “analysis” I provide is just my notes and how these products worked and/or did not work for me. In my situation. I get that we are all different and have varying needs. No need to argue about what is best for everyone. These are what I tested and what I am ultimately using because it was best for me.

Below are my little-over-a-dozen Productivity Task List Tools (alphabetical order)…


Free online lists – Like an online fridge with sticky notes!

“Everything is stored online, so it can be accessed from anywhere. You can share your online lists and scribbles… No limits 100% free. So easy it’s insulting.”

Me: awesome, has what I need. It does take a few clicks for my boss to find and that’s not a plus. Also, I was frustrated that although I can change the size of my list, the font changes with it. So if I wanted the list to be longer in length, the font gets way too big.


Online outliner and task manager for teams

Minimalist keyboard driven online outliner and task manager for teams and individuals. Capture your ideas and notes, create checklists and plans, share with colleagues, and get everything done — together.

mobile tonic – apple apps – web version limited but works on any mobile device with minimum JavaScript (wow, my BlackBerry can handle that!) I can assign due dates to my tasks by typing in dd and it sorts and reminds. This is in my Top 5!

Cloud Checklist

Task management solution. Real-time synchronization.

Skybuffer Cloud Checklist solution is a lightweight payload tool with a real time synchronization engine for secure checklists, items lists and to-do lists management. Lightweight, Secure, Synchronous, Printable, Collaborative. …designed and made as absolutely free solution with no ads, newsletters or any kind of hidden costs for our online users.

This app is awesome and I hate to admit it was the first I tried and then spent 2 days testing. I kept thinking back to this one too. Okay, Top 5.


15-day trial. This is  really not a simple to do list, although interface is great. And collaboration ends at 15 days and it’s a paid service. But I was so impressed with the possibilities for project management that I’m including it here.


#1 Online Small Business CRM Used by over 350,000 people worldwide. Easy. Powerful. Affordable.

Free forever – not a trial. Up to 3 users, 200 MB of storage, 2,500 contacts. Is the free plan really free? Yes, totally free – no catches. You don’t even need a credit card to install and use Insightly, and it’s not a trial so you can use it for as long as you like. We even give you free support too, so it’s perfect for small businesses.

My Notes: awesome features, but maybe too much since I only need something simple; and I like how I can create a URL for sharing.


The easiest web-based note keeping service, like, ever.

Take sticky notes, drag-drop images, organize visually. Share them with friends and family (if you want). Collaborate in real-time. Super-simple, eco-friendly, awesome user experience. Back in the days, people used fridges to stick notes to. Now people use Listhings – the free web app for taking notes. All notes are automatically saved to Listhings database servers. You can access your notes from anywhere and share them with anyone to collaborate in real-time.

Chrome app, access from app page. Easy, like the look, easy to share. Top 5 for my needs. I am having connectivity issues to the interface and this may be a deal-breaker.

Mission Control

With Mission Control, you can see what all your staff have done, and what they have left to do.

This is a good one. It is really simple but it’s meant for tasks (as opposed to some of the others here are for lists, not specifically tasks). It’s strength is in the division of lists by user and the manager of the user then sees each list on the screen allowing an overview of each person’s job load. The sharing is instantaneous; I don’t think I ever had to sync anything. Super clean look.


Easy sign in using my Google account. The name is adorable. And I love it, but don’t think i can share it the way I need to so, no. 

Remember the Milk

Task management goodness used by millions worldwide. Makes managing your to-do list fun!

In addition to the powerful web app, Remember The Milk is everywhere you are: from mobile to the web to apps including Gmail. MilkSync service syncs with Microsoft Outlook and BlackBerry.

Really popular and well-reviewed.  I think it’s great how the Share (my boss can edit too) and Publish (he can only view it) are tabs on the right side. This also synced to my Blackberry (amazing since nothing cool seems to be compatible with my phone). I’m putting this in the Top 5. 


needs $/month after trial time; but I do want to say awesome features; this is a great tool. So much you can do. But I think it’s way too much for my needs and I didn’t want to spend money. I’m keeping this site bookmarked though, you never know.


Set up tasks, and knock them down. Strike is a fun and easy way to strike stuff off lists together. 

Easy to use. I was leaning on this one until I used the print button – my boss WILL need that. And instead of printing the list, it wants to print the full page with their company info, etc. Will not work.


I have used Wunderlist in the past. I know people love it And I’ve found it syncs with no problems to all my devices: iPad, iTouch, BlackBerry and PC. And the interface is spot-on; I love it. But there is still too much extra here for me to share with my boss who is really looking for a text list and a simple, no navigation website.

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